Poker Chip Sets Dice

Poker Chip Sets Dice

We offers you the best ABS 11,5gr poker sets DICE 300 chips, 500 chips and 1000 chips.

Many ABS Dice poker sets come with 2 100% plastic decks

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300 poker chips set ABS Dice of 11,5 gr. Includes 2 decks plastic coated playing cards, 300 chips and 1 Dealer bottom.

34.95 *

Currently unavailable

200 poker chips set Dice. Includes 200 poker chips made of ABS, 2 decks plastic coated playing cards, 5 red dice, 1 Dealer button

20.95 *

Currently unavailable

This set of POKER is formed by a metal box. It is the most economical kit in the store. Basic set for beginers.

16.99 €
10.95 *

In stock

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