Poker timer

Poker timer

We offer dealer buttons, essential for tournament. Card guards that can serve as dealer button, and a timer dealer button.


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White Dealer Button

Standard white dealer button. With DEALER written. Usefull to mark position at the poker table.

2.25 *
In stock

Giant Dealer Button

Standard giant dealer button.

7.99 *

New Dealer Omaha-Texas-hold'em

Transparent acrylic Dealer Button, with super classy red and black letters. Special luxurious edition.

5.99 *
7.25 €

Red Dealer Missed Blind Button

Standard red dealer button. With Missed Blind written. 

4.50 *

Blue Dealer Absent Button

Standard blue dealer button. With Absent written. 

4.50 *
In stock

Dealer timer button

Standard dealer timer button displaying the length of each round as previously defined by yourself.

6.95 *
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